Why should I order using CaterInc?

CaterInc has always been a lucrative industry with low overhead. CaterInc combines the convenience of event planning with the ease of ordering ahead to provide stress-free event planning.

What are the services you provide?

CaterInc is an eCommerce platform that allows you to buy or rent items for your personal or corporate, small or large event, and even hire event organizers to plan your events.

What to do if I want to cancel my order?

For orders placed online, cancellation is not allowed.

Case to case basis we can cancel your order but you must send an email to

If approved, refunds will take at least (4 weeks) to process.

I am planning a small gathering. Do you cater to such celebrations?

We are happy to cater to any kind of celebration. We have a variety of dishes in our catalog that are perfect for any occasion, whether it is a small gathering or a large party.

We also have servers who can help you set up the place, cook, and clean up after the event.

What do I do if I never receive my order?

You may email us at

Do you ship abroad?

No, at this time we only ship to Singaporean Addresses.

On the day of delivery, who should I look for?

The vendor that you ordered from will be the one to fulfill all orders. For any concerns, you may contact our customer support team at

Do you accept last-minute orders?

Because some of the products are handmade, vendors require time to complete them; we recommend placing orders with at least a one-month lead time.

What am I supposed to do if my online order didn't go through?

Please check your email for any confirmation and your bank statement to make sure that there is no duplicate booking then try again.

How will I know if my online purchase was completed successfully?

You will receive a confirmation email once the booking is finalized.

I made an order and need to update it now. How do I go about it?

Changes and cancellations are strictly prohibited so kindly ensure that all information is correct before completing the order. 

For unavoidable circumstances, you may contact our customer support team through

The request is subject to review and approval.

What is the form of payment accepted? 

We accept card payments, bank transfers, and cash on delivery

Why was I charged the wrong amount for my order?

The order you have placed may have incurred a delivery surcharge. These charges will be reflected in your order summary before you confirm the purchase


How do I register as a vendor? 

Click on the "Become a Vendor" button on the home tab and choose the plan that you would like to avail yourself of. 

How many products can I publish?

You can post multiple products on our website without any charge.

How can I get the payment? 

All transactions amount will be held by and will be released to the vendor once the goods and services had been delivered. Payment will be transferred in real-time.

The customer provided an incorrect address and not responding how can I deliver and get my payment?

Who is responsible for the refund of the user?

CaterInc does not provide refunds. The vendor is in charge of the refund to the customer.

I haven't found the answer to my question

Please email our team so we can assist you with your concern